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Each year Illuminate Adelaide will welcome a Luminary Artist in Residence to join us in presenting a range of ground-breaking projects throughout the duration of Illuminate Adelaide. This year we're excited to present the inaugural Luminary Artists in Residence: The Avalanches.

Robbie Chater and Tony Di Blasi left an indelible mark on the music world with their 2000 debut Since I Left You, taking the art of sampling to rarefied heights and storming the airwaves with unexpected earworms like Frontier Psychiatrist. They followed up this success with masterpieces including Wildflower (2016) and We Will Always Love You (2020) and are now heading to Adelaide this winter with five major events, including teaming up with Adelaide Symphony Orchestra to bring their seminal album, Since I Left You, to life. 

Audiences will also get the chance to dive deeper into their work with Ghost Stories, an exhibition featuring works by Jonathan Zawada and The Experience Machine, and send the pair messages of hope, solidarity and love in Michaela Gleave and Fausto Brusamolino's Messages of HopeMessages of Love

Finally, catch them at our unmissable closing night party, MAAD, as they sit down with legend of Australian radio Zan Rowe (triple j, Double J) and collaborator Jonathan Zawada for a special panel unpacking the band's past, present and future. Then round off the night as The Avalanches conclude Illuminate Adelaide in style with an electrifying DJ set