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Ouchhh Studio - Ferdi Alici and Eylul Duranagac Alici

Each year Illuminate Adelaide welcomes a Luminary Artist in Residence to join us in presenting a range of ground-breaking projects throughout the duration of Illuminate Adelaide. In our second year, we're excited to present Ouchhh Studio as our latest Luminary Artists In Residence.  

Ouchhh Studio is a global creative new media studio and a cutting-edge innovator in the creative field who has been showing outstanding results in the art, science and technology scene for 10 years. The Istanbul-based visionaries Ferdi Alici and Eylul Duranagac Alici have collaborated with NASA and CERN, and now they’re heading exclusively to South Australia.

In 2022, Ouchhh Studio will bring four events to Illuminate Adelaide

Ouchhh Studio: Wisdom of AI Light

A digital renaissance is coming, and it’s putting the art in artificial intelligence. From Leonardo da Vinci to now – come on a journey from the Renaissance masterpieces to the mysteries of the universe. Wisdom of AI Light will take over the Illuminate Pavilion, a huge pop-up exhibition space in the East End using ground-breaking technologies of Artificial Intelligence and extraordinary projection techniques. 

Ocean Data

Appearing as part of Illuminate Adelaide's free City Lights program, Ocean Data is created using millions of pieces of data sourced directly from underwater bases all the way from Bordeaux, France. Ouchhh Studio has created a living AI sculpture of maritime proportions. Immerse yourself in the deep ocean while all its mysteries become concrete as part of this temporal experience integrating art, science, and technology.

Illuminate Discussion: Ouchhh Studio 

As new media artists and designers, Ferdi Alici and Eylul Duranagac Alici believe that science inspires great art, and the integration of both is vital to their approach. Join Ferdi Alici as he reflects on their process of creating cutting-edge innovation in art, science, and technology. Explore how they pioneered balancing these elements to produce data paintings and sculptures, and immerse yourself in understanding how Ouchhh Studio developed a unique artistic interdisciplinary philosophy. 

Permanent Public Artwork

Ouchhh Studio will work together with Illuminate Adelaide and the City of Adelaide to create a new permanent public artwork for the city as a legacy of their residency.

This concept is to create an artwork that draws on art, science and technology, creating a piece unique to Adelaide. A comprehensive public art process has commenced towards the delivery of this significant achievement for Adelaide. The residency will see Ouchhh Studio commence work on a major public artwork which will be launched as part of Illuminate Adelaide 2023.

Presented in partnership with the City of Adelaide

Image: Ferdi Alici and Eylul Duranagac Alici
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Ouchhh Studio | Wisdom of AI Light
From 16 July
Ocean Data
15 - 31 July
Illuminate Discussion: Ouchhh Studio 
Mon 18 July

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